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M Mildfire is a locally-owned coffee shop and roaster. We take great pride in fresh beans, great drinks, and better service. We also provide wholesale roasting services, as well as on-site coffee catering.

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Our Customer Reviews

  • First Mildfire experience was today in the Medical Center. Between the staff, ambiance, and flavors I regret to inform you that you have just gained two coffee addicted stalkers. We wanted the perfect neighborhood hangout and you gave it to us, so thank you! Once I start taking my nearest and dearest you will never be rid of us; there will be people there buying all your coffee all the time. I even created a Yelp account just to review this location today, and I've always sworn never to have one...
  • Let me tell you something...this place is THE best coffee shop on the planet!
  • All I want in life is a Mildfire iced mocha. Or a cortado. Also a 12oz latte. You know what? I'll just take the whole menu. It's THAT good.
  • There is no better coffee in SA than Mildfire!! I may be biased having worked there, but seriously I am so spoiled on good, fresh, roasted coffee that there's no need to go anywhere else :-)